About Us

Strategic Partnered Network

The eBizness Network Group is an affiliated association of strategically partnered Internet - based business and technology consultants, mentors, coaches, social media marketing experts, creative graphic and video designers, as well as many of the top level software developers in the world. In addition, our network also provides experienced and professional advertising, marketing, and promotional sales experts, which are all a part of our dedicated team of network consultants. 

Full- Service Consulting Company

Our desire is to become your in-house consultanting company, committed to sharing continued responsibility involved with assistance in the planning, set up and development, and handling all of your company advertising, marketing, promotions, creative design, interactive content generation, targeted client recruiting and engagement, campaign analytics, reporting and tracking, scheduled website, mobile apps, and landing pages maintenance on a scheduled monthly basis. 

Valuable Experience & Knowledge

With our valuable experience, expert product knowledge, and Online training solutions we can provide a wealth of Online information, proven software, and access to information and technology at its best. We are inspired to meet and achieve the highest standards when presenting our clients with the required resources, training materials, and software and computer tools required to efficiently obtain, and affordably reach your desired targeted goals. 

Our Team

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